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About Us

Luke Costanza
Luke CostanzaPresident

Triangle Building and Properties specializes in constructing, renovating and managing properties built to the highest industry standards in the Triangle Market. Triangle Building and Properties was established by Luke Costanza, an ex-Project Manager at the award-winning custom home building company, L, and L Raleigh. With his extensive knowledge and numerous years of experience, Luke was able to expertly complete his tasks owing to the diverse skill set that he had gained while working under industry veterans such as Kevin Nunn and Warren Smith to branch out and pursue his own adventures in 2016.

Luke’s father, who runs a successful local remodeling and renovation business in some of the same areas where the present-day Triangle Building & Properties operates, taught him a great deal when he was growing up. Working under the guidance of his father has allowed Luke to diversify his skills, and learn a lot about the industry.

After graduating from a nearby Wake Forest Rolesville High, Luke decided to play collegiate soccer at Barton College and graduated in 2013 with dual degrees. Barton College invited him back on campus in 2017 and honored him with the Outstanding Recent Graduate award. One main thing that forms the basis of Luke’s commending service is his undying love for the Triangle region, a place that he and his family call home. For this reason, he ensures that Triangle Building and Properties offers top-notch service and close attention to every client’s needs.

Luke also takes great pride in being an active member of the Raleigh Wake County Home Builders (HBA) Association, particularly with the Young Professionals Group within the HBA. He is also a member of the National Home Builder’s Association, NC State Wolfpack Club, Barton College Bulldog Club, as well as the Barton College Society.

Every day, Triangle Building and Properties strives to deliver our clients an exclusive, one of a kind experience. We look forward to serving you on your next home renovation project.

What we do

Triangle Building and Properties specializes in undertaking new construction as well as dealing with rental properties and real estate investments. Lastly, we offer a range of renovation, remodeling and construction services.

New Construction

Triangle Building and Properties is dedicated to building on infill plots in the flourishing downtown areas of the Triangle. Our work doesn’t end there, since we are also responsible for building in developments and neighborhoods across the Triangle district, with a high price bracket of $100,000s to $700,000s.

In addition to that, we also undertake projects on homeowner supplied plots throughout the Triangle as well as its surrounding areas. We at Triangle Building and Properties strive to leave behind a legacy by building the highest quality homes in a variety of budgets.

Triangle Building And Properties

Renovation, Remodel & Construction Services

Triangle Building and Properties offers a diverse range of remodeling and renovation services to present homes via its sister company, North State Construction Services. NSCS also delivers market preps for properties for sale, home inspection reports for pending sales, along with a wide array of other general construction services.

Rental Properties & Real Estate Investments

Triangle Building and Properties offer a range of real estate for rent in the Triangle area. TBP also specialize in offering opportunities to potential investors who plan on investing or partnering with local real estate projects.

If you are someone who is interested in renting one of the beautiful condos, homes or apartments in the market, check out Triangle Building and Properties to find out more about your available options. On the other hand, if you are interested in partnering or investing in one of our projects, feel free to contact us for more information.